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If you received an Advance Premium Tax Credit in 2019 (this includes members who were enrolled in a ConnectorCare plan) you must file a federal income tax return for 2019. You’ll need to file a tax return even if you have very low income and haven’t had to file in the past.

Note: The federal and Massachusetts state tax filing and payment deadlines have been extended to July 15, 2020.

Health coverage and your 2019 taxes:

What you need to know about health coverage and filing your taxes


If you or a family member were enrolled in health insurance through the Massachusetts Health Connector all or part of 2019, this may affect your federal and state income taxes. Both state and federal law require adult residents 18 years and older to have health insurance if they can afford it. Failure to have health insurance for the entire year may result in a tax penalty.

The Health Connector mailed tax Form 1095-A to all tax households who purchased health insurance from the Marketplace in 2019 to complete your income tax return. Those who were enrolled in a Health Connector or ConnectorCare Plan all or part of 2019 should have received their  IRS Form 1095-A on or around January 31, 2020.

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Need a copy of or corrected Form 1095-A? New this year: You can now sign into your account and go to the Payment Center to download a copy of your tax forms. For corrections, click the link below for more information about correction requests.

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What is Form 1095-A?

Form 1095-A has information about the months that members were covered by the Health Connector. It also has information that helps the IRS determine if members should have received a premium tax credit in 2019 to help lower their health insurance premiums.

A Form 1095-A shows the IRS:

  • Which months you were covered by the Health Connector
  • Information about the amount of Advance Premium Tax Credit you received in 2019, if any
  • Information that can you can use to claim a tax credit, if you qualify

If you want to claim a premium tax credit for 2019 and you’re filing your taxes by paper, you’ll use the information from your Form 1095-A to fill out IRS Form 8962 and include with your tax return. If you’re filing with online tax filing software, you’ll use the information from your Form 1095-A to answer questions for Form 8962.

Graphic showing a representation of Form 1095A and IRS form 8962

What other health insurance forms will you get?

If you had health insurance through the Health Connector in 2019, you should expect to get:

Form 1095-A 1099-HC
Sent by… Health Connector Your insurance company
Use it for… Federal income tax return State income tax return

You may get more forms if you also had health insurance through another source in 2019, such as a job or public health insurance program.

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