#StayCovered Massachusetts

Massachusetts has long been a pioneer in expanding health care access to its residents. As a result, over 97 percent of Massachusetts residents have health coverage, the highest rate in the country.

The success of our health reform effort is built on an approach of shared responsibility from all, including the Commonwealth, employers, and individual residents. This approach includes our state’s “individual mandate,” which requires that all adults in the Commonwealth have coverage that meets state standards if it is affordable to them, and it promotes a minimum coverage standard to protect consumers.

This requirement has been in effect since 2007, and will remain in effect even though the federal government is going to stop charging tax penalties for not having insurance starting in 2019. Learn more about the individual mandate →


Massachusetts Residents Covered


The Health Connector is here to help Massachusetts residents, employers, and brokers find coverage. We designed these resources to ensure that, despite sometimes confusing news about the national health care reform law, Massachusetts residents have a clear understanding about their own rights and responsibilities, so we can ensure our health care system continues to work for everyone.

View or download our guides below for important information about the Massachusetts individual mandate and Minimum Creditable Coverage.

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We’re Here to Help

If you have questions about the individual mandate or how to get coverage through the Health Connector, our Customer Service Representatives are here to assist Massachusetts residents and small businesses.

Individuals & Families

For Massachusetts residents looking for coverage that will help keep themselves and their families healthy and financially protected, you can explore our website and sign up to compare health coverage options and enroll in a plan. Or speak to a Customer Service Representative at 1-877-MA-ENROLL (1-877-623-6765), or TTY 1-877-623-7773 for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled. Find free, in-person help with your application at an Enrollment Assister location near you →

Small Businesses

For small employers (with 50 or fewer employees)  looking for affordable, high-value health coverage from leading Massachusetts health plans which meet state and federal requirements, please visit Health Connector for Business or call 1-888-813-9220 (TTY: 711 for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech disabled.) Through Health Connector for Business, small employers can connect their employees to high-value plans from a range of carriers, including through new “choice” models, and small employers can even find a broker to help them with their options for no charge.

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You may have heard the federal requirement to have health insurance – called the individual mandate – was repealed starting in 2019, but the Massachusetts requirement to have coverage will still be in place. Get the facts and #StayCovered –> https://www.mahealthconnector.org/stay-covered

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Did you know #Massachusetts has a state individual mandate that requires all residents 18 or older to have health insurance that meets minimum coverage requirements if it is considered affordable? Get the facts and #StayCovered –> https://www.mahealthconnector.org/stay-covered

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Are you a business owner that employs #Massachusetts residents? State law requires employees age 18 or older to have health coverage that meets minimum standards or else they may have to pay a state tax penalty. Find information and facts for employers at https://www.mahealthconnector.org/stay-covered #StayCovered

Why I #StayCovered

I was having post-concussion related mental health issues. …With my post-concussion syndrome issues I was unable to reconcile with reality and my coping mechanisms failed me. [The] Health Connector made it possible for me to find the professional help I needed […] and move forward in my life. They helped me get inpatient treatment and follow-up care which I literally would not be able to function without. …I am proud to say I have made a near-complete recovery from post-concussion syndrome. …I have the greatest health professionals in the world and if it wasn’t for the Health Connector I’m not sure I would even be alive right now[…].

Aaron M.

I am a small business owner. During the first year of purchasing my family’s health insurance through the Health Connector, I reduced the premium that I was paying through the family markets by 40% with no change in coverage. My premium costs will actually decrease[d]…with a relatively immaterial change to deductibles and with my network remaining unchanged. I’ve never had an issue with my coverage since buying through the Health Connector, and have always been able to get assistance going through the application process. As someone with certain medical issues, the ability to not have to consider preexisting conditions has been extremely important to my family.

Adam B.

We are a family of 4 living off of 1 income because daycare is so expensive. We are not poor by any means but we do not have fancy car , toys or clothes. We lived check to check and many times needed to use a credit card to pay for groceries or Christmas presents. Unfortunately I did not know we would qualify for health insurance the previous years and we paid a lot for private insurance through my employer. Getting insurance through the connector has allowed us to actually save a little money and not use a single credit card for Christmas. We are even able to adopt a family or help out another family in more need than us. Thanks for helping to reduce our financial stress and allowing us to get our children the health care that they deserve. Merry Christmas to all as this Christmas season has been very bright for us!

Alicia C.

On September 13th, 2015 I was in a [four] car accident. The car was totaled and I thankfully can live to tell about it. I was nervous beyond belief to think of the bills I would be facing not only now but further down the road. Problems always arise later. I’ve suffered with a horrible back my entire life and was now faced with extreme whiplash and bruising. Being covered by the health connector has been a dream! They have been so amazing in helping me find treatment centers, working with my insurance company, and have even followed up to make sure I was ok and healing. The website let me find specialists within my area so I could begin to get treatment and heal. As of today, I am better and almost 100%. I can’t thank the health connector enough for truly caring about my wellbeing!

Amanda L.

When I was terminated from my work I was devastated and humiliated. I have conditions that require medication and was desperate to receive insurance so I could maintain my medications. I did not have a computer at the time so I called and each representative exceeded my expectations and when I went to the office I was amazed with the ease that I received the assistance I required to obtain insurance to keep my PCP and Hospital that I have had for 20 years. Each time in the following months that I called for questions I received answers or someone investigated and called me back within 24-hours.

Ann Marie M.

My wife and I are full time self-employed musicians for many years. I have carried my own health insurance for my wife, daughter and I and this financial burden nearly put us out of business a few years ago. We were not aware that we could qualify for help from the Health Connector. We started reading and calling to speak with representatives and began the application process. From the first representative right up until the most recent communication that we have had, the Health Connector has always been, informative, efficient and most of all courteous and helpful. Fortunately for us, we have been a very health family but all of our experiences with those associated with the health Connector have been great. We feel very fortunate that we have gotten involved with the Health Connector and having their help has allowed our little business to stay healthy as well. Thank You! 

Brian M.

The Health Connector has helped me by providing me with affordable health insurance in my time of need. It isn’t easy being laid off and it’s even worse when you’re without health insurance. I was a firefighter and an [Emergency Medical Technician] for years and years. I suffer from some knee issues as a result of that. Without health insurance I wouldn’t be able to keep my doctor’s appointments or afford the monthly medications I need. Thanks.

Brian S.

The Health Connector is like my own personal supermarket where I can compare products and buy the one that’s best for my own needs. After a few years of using the Health Connector, thinking about a world without it is like thinking about a world before grocery stores: I appreciate having everything I need under one roof. I used to spend hours researching health care options online, making phone calls, taking notes trying to figure out the maze of options from premiums, copays, doctor networks. Now the Health Connector allows me to apply ONCE: I submit my information & quickly find out what’s available & compare plans side-by-side. The Health Connector has saved me many hours of research work each year. Even better, if and WHEN I get confused–there’s someone on the other of the line to explain what I don’t understand. 

John M.