Language Rights and Access Policy

Massachusetts Health Connector Language Rights and Access Policy

Last modified December 1, 2016

The Massachusetts Health Connector is dedicated to ensuring access to the agency’s services for all people across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including those with Limited English Proficiency (“LEP”). The Health Connector considers an LEP person to be someone who may not be able to speak, read, write or understand the English language at a level allowing them to interact effectively with agency staff. It may also include people with impaired physical capabilities who need visual and audial assistance in communication.

If you believe that the Health Connector or another party operating on the exchange has failed to provide adequate Language Access for you, you can file a grievance by mail or email:


Attn: Compliance Manager
Massachusetts Health Connector Compliance Unit
P.O. Box 960189
Boston, MA 02196


If you need help filing a grievance, please email the Compliance Manager at or call 617-936-1036.

Portrait of a mother and father smiling in their kitchen with their two children playing at the table in the backgroundLanguage Access Plan
The Health Connector’s Language Access Plan documents resources and tools for all people across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including those with Limited English Proficiency (“LEP”), to access Health Connector services, in light of the various needs of LEP populations.

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The Health Connector requires robust non-discrimination and translation supports on behalf of our applicants and members.

  • Neither the Health Connector nor our health plans may discriminate based on gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, or the ability to speak English.
  • The Health Connector will also maintain language in notices telling individuals how to file a complaint if they feel they’ve been discriminated against and how to access translation services.
  • Our customer service team can provide language support for anyone who calls.

We are committed to continuing to engage with advocates for LGBTQ+ and immigrant communities to ensure that our plans work for everyone. We urge members to continue accessing services as needed without fear of discrimination, as Health Connector policies, health plan contracts, and state-based rules all provide broad protections against discrimination.