Set up your account login

Set up an account login for your existing application

If you applied for coverage by phone, by paper, or with help and never created an account login to access your application online, you can do so at anytime. You should not create a new account.

If you already have an account but forgot your login or are locked out, click here now for information and help →

What are the benefits?

By signing into your account, you will be able to do a number of things you may normally call customer service for. For example:

  • Update your account information, like if you move to a new address, have an income change to report, update you contact information, and much more.
  • View your current enrollment information.
  • View bills, notices, and tax forms online.
  • Management payments and payment methods.
  • View your payment history and scheduled payments.
  • Sign up for paperless bills and notices.

And much more. If you would like this access but don’t have an account login, follow these steps to get started.

What you will need

To set up your online account

Call Health Connector customer service at 1-877-623-6765 (TTY 1-877-623-7773) with your email address you want to use ready and head of household information. Make sure you are able to access that email account as you will get email notices during the setup process. The customer service representative you speak with will help you through the process with additional steps you will follow.

After you set up your login information

You can sign into your account by going to the application home page and clicking the “Sign In” button. You will enter your login information there to access your account.

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