Rights and Responsibilities and e-Signature

Rights and Responsibilities and e-Signature

The final step to complete your application is reading and attesting to the statements in the “Rights and Responsibilities” section of the application and providing your e-signature. This page includes important information about getting coverage through MassHealth or the Health Connector. You will need to read and attest to all statements by clicking the checkboxes on the screen before you can submit your application and see what programs you are eligible for.

If you need help understanding your rights and responsibilities, you can get help from a customer service representative or an Enrollment Assister.

Incarcerated household members

Because of Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicaid rules, people who are in jail because they have been convicted of a crime are not eligible to get coverage through the Marketplace.

However, if someone in your household is in jail awaiting trial (pending disposition), that person is still eligible to apply for coverage through the Health Connector website.

When you apply, you will be asked on the “Rights and Responsibilities” page if someone applying for coverage is incarcerated. Only respond “Yes” if there is a person who is applying with you and they are in jail because they were convicted of a crime (not awaiting disposition).


Your Electronic Signature—or e-Signature—allows you sign documents online.

If you are having trouble with the e-Signature, such as getting an error message—for example, “Your e-Signature does not match the Head of Household’s name. Please note that this field is case-sensitive”—first, check and make sure that the name you typed into the e-Signature box is exactly how you typed it when you created an account. If it looks right, then check to make sure you did not accidentally include any extra spaces or punctuation.


How you entered your name on your account information:

John S Doe Jr.

How you should enter your e-Signature:

Correct Not Correct
  • John S Doe
  • John Doe
  • John S Do e  (contains an extra space)John DOE (case does not match)
  • John S. Doe (do not include a period after your middle initial)
  • John S Doe, Jr. (do not include a suffix or extra punctuation)

Other tips:

  • If you entered a middle initial when you created your account, you may not need to include it in your e-Signature. If you do enter your middle initial and get an error message, try entering your signature without it.
  • Do not use a period after your middle initial.
  • Do not include your suffix (like Jr., Sr., etc.) that you selected when you created your account.
  • If you accidentally put an extra space in your name when you created your account, this may cause errors because your signature must match exactly.

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