How does national health reform help Massachusetts small business owners?

How does national health reform help Massachusetts small business owners?

The ACA provides additional tools for covering workers, which can help Massachusetts employers ensure that their workforces have the health insurance they need. For example:

  • National health reform established new tax credits for certain small employers to make it more affordable to cover their employees (eligible employers can achieve even greater savings by using these tax credits in tandem with participating in the Health Connector’s ConnectWell program, which qualifies them for an additional 15 percent premium discount)
  • Very low-income employees who cannot afford their employer’s coverage may be newly eligible for MassHealth (Massachusetts’ Medicaid program) without penalties for employers
  • The ACA newly offers “one-stop” shopping for medical and dental coverage through the Health Connector
  • The ACA invests in initiatives and innovations designed to improve the health care delivery system, which will create a healthier workforce and cost savings for Massachusetts’ employers

In 2017, the Health Connector began offering small businesses new ways to offer health insurance to their employees, including options that allow the business to offer a number of plans to employees.

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