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When can I apply for coverage?

In general, an open enrollment period is the time of year when people who are applying for health insurance can enroll or change a plan for any reason. The next open enrollment period is November 1, 2019, and will run through January 23, 2020. However, if you can qualify for help paying for coverage through programs like MassHealth or a ConnectorCare plan, or experience a qualifying life event, you may be able to enroll at any time during the year. If you do not qualify for help paying for coverage, there are certain qualifying events that allow you to enroll in coverage at other times during the year. Qualifying events include (but are not limited to): adding a dependent through birth or marriage, moving to a new permanent address in Massachusetts, or becoming a citizen, national, or lawfully present individual. For more information on qualifying events, go to our Closed Enrollment information page.

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When is Open Enrollment and when do Health Connector plans start?

In general, Open Enrollment is the only time of year when you can purchase or change insurance plans for any reason. The 2019 Open Enrollment period ended January 23, 2019. However, you may be allowed to enroll outside of Open Enrollment if you experience certain life events, such as losing your current insurance. If you qualify for MassHealth, or for a ConnectorCare plan, or want to purchase a stand alone dental plan, you may enroll at any time during the year. Find out more now →

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Do students have to purchase a SHIP plan?

Students are required to have health insurance to attend college full-time in Massachusetts. A student has to purchase a SHIP through their college only if they do not currently have health insurance coverage that is considered “comparable coverage.” For example, a student with MassHealth coverage, a ConnectorCare plan, or a student who is under age 26 who has coverage through a parent’s health insurance plan, does not need to purchase a .  If you have MassHealth coverage and attend a participating school, you may be eligible for the MassHealth SHIP Premium Assistance Program.

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What if I’m a student and already have MassHealth coverage?

If you were covered by MassHealth before entering school and you will be attending a school in Massachusetts, you may be able to maintain your MassHealth coverage rather than enrolling in your school’s SHIP, or if you attend a participating school, you may be eligible for the MassHealth SHIP Premium Assistance Program.  Please call the MassHealth SHIP Premium Assistance Program for more information. If you will be attending school out of state, your MassHealth coverage will likely cover only emergency services.  Please call MassHealth customer service for more information, and also check with your school regarding their student health insurance requirements.

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