Why don’t I qualify for subsidies?

If you completed an application or renewal and are eligible for a Health Connector plan, but were not approved for an Advance Premium Tax Credit to lower your month premium costs, or ConnectorCare plans, this could be for one of the following reasons: You did not select the option to complete an application for coverage and help paying for costs. How to troubleshoot: Sign into your account and update your application by following the steps here and select "Change application type" on the "Change Your Information" page of your application. Your income is not in the range of 100% to 400% Federal Poverty Level. Note that income can be below 100% FPL if applicant has a certain qualified immigration status. If your income is below 100% FPL and does not have a certain qualified immigration status, member cannot be eligible for subsidies How to troubleshoot: You can, first, check your income with the Federal Poverty level chart. Then, sign into your account and check that your income was reported correctly by reviewing your application summary. If you need update your income, you can find a help guide here and even more details and calculator on how to add different types of income in this guide.  To update your income, you can find a guide here. You have access to, or are enrolled, in affordable employer sponsored insurance that meets minimum value standards. How to troubleshoot: If you have access to health insurance through [...]