Celiac Awareness Month

Celiac Disease Friendly Restaurants in Massachusetts

May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month. If you have the disease, or a gluten sensitivity, going out to eat can be a challenge. We looked at top choices from Find Me Gluten Free—a website dedicated to help people with gluten-sensitivity find safe restaurant choices—to share some top Massachusetts locations. Luckily, there are many restaurants all over Commonwealth that offer delicious, gluten-free and allergen-friendly options. Here are just a few options available:

Sunset Grill and Pizza, Amherst, MA

Looking for a quick bite out to eat with friends? Customers with Celiac Disease find it hard to find safe pizza option without a lot of research ahead of time, but Sunset Grill and Pizza makes it easy with its variety of gluten-free pizzas, sandwiches, and desserts. One customer even claimed that “eating here makes me feel like I don’t have Celiac!”

Woodman’s of Essex, Essex, MA

There are many good seafood options in New England, and Woodman’s in Essex offers a wide variety of options for all types of customers. Customers with gluten allergies can enjoy fried favorites like calamari and french-fries without worry, making the restaurant widely popular among customers with 96% of 60 voters rating it as Celiac-friendly and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars among 65 reviewers.

Milford Pizza Palace, Milford, MA

If you think Celiac Disease means you are banned from pizza forever, think again. This Worcester County restaurant not only has an entire Gluten-Free menu, but the menu also lists every single ingredient used in each dish, allowing customers to make safe and informed decisions. The restaurant takes eliminating cross-contamination seriously. On their website, they state that they shut down the kitchen with the exception of the one order they are preparing if need be and bringing customers separately wrapped plastic utensils.

Beneventos, Boston, MA

Gluten-free Italian cuisine can be hard to find, but Beneventos has an average rating of 4.5 of 5 stars from 75 reviewers who rave about the gluten-free gnocchi, and shrimp and scallop pasta. Even the bread basket can be made allergen-safe with gluten-free bruschetta.

Chelmsford Diner, Chelmsford, MA

Are you a brunch-lover looking for a delicious place to chat and catch up with your friends during the weekend? At Chelmsford Diner, you can indulge in some gluten-free brunch staples such as pancakes, waffles, and bagels, which many customers rave about.

Wahlburgers, Locations in Boston, Dorchester, Hingham, Lynnfield, and Logan Airport-Terminal C

With locations around eastern Massachusetts, Wahlburgers customers with Celiac Disease can enjoy gluten free burger buns and sandwiches. Want a side of fries? The restaurants also have a dedicated, separate fryer for the gluten-free fries to help you safely enjoy a safe, allergen-free version of this classic American meal.

Red Heat Tavern, Bedford, MA

Want to enjoy a drink after work? Red Heat Tavern in Bedford offers gluten-free beers and cider that allow customers with gluten sensitivities to participate in Happy Hour. Red Heat Tavern also offers Celiac-friendly versions of popular happy hour snacks and meals including gluten-free tortilla chips,  chicken fingers, and burger buns.

Cheng-Du Restaurant, Mansfield, MA

Cheng-Du Restaurant boasts a wide range of gluten-free options and patrons with Celiac Disease can enjoy many classics from Pad Thai to Sweet and Sour chicken. Customers describe the food as flavorful and the staff as careful and conscientious. Plus, customers have reported huge portions, so there’s potential for leftovers.

Auntie Cathie’s Kitchen, Agawam, MA

Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or a sit down dinner, Auntie Cathie’s Kitchen in Agawam has got you covered. Reviewers rave about the cupcakes, sandwiches, and gluten-free menu alike. While gluten-free foods are sometimes more expensive than its counterparts, Auntie Cathie’s has been rated as affordably priced. The restaurant even offers recipes for dishes such as paleo pancakes on its website.

Modern Pastry, Boston, MA

A well-known pastry shop in the heart of Boston’s North End may seem like a surprising choice to make it on the list, but Modern Pastry has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Find Me Gluten Free. 90% of its 56 reviewers voted for the popular bakery as Celiac-friendly. It’s hard to leave the North End without a cannoli, and customers with Celiac Disease will be delighted to find that Modern Pastry serves a gluten-free version of the popular treat (among other desserts.) Some customers have reported that the shells are kept in a separate jar and handled with gloves to prevent cross contamination.

Find  more restaurants around Massachusetts and to read more customer reviews on Find Me Gluten Free.  You can also find great Celiac-friendly locations on the National Celiac Association’s website restaurant directory.

Like to eat in?

The Celiac Disease Foundation offers many delicious recipes to try at home. From Baked Spaghetti Squash Carbonara to Blackberry Chocolate Cardamom French Toast, there are many options to try. The Foundation even shares helpful gluten-free meal plans to make food prep simpler.

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