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Migrating Business Express to the New Health Connector for Business

In 2007, the Health Connector was proud to introduce our Business Express small group platform so companies with 50 employees or fewer could enroll in health coverage as well as take advantage of savings, such as the Wellness Track rebate and, later, the small business tax credit.

In 2017, we launched the new Health Connector for Business platform that still offers those exclusive savings to qualified small business, but now offers new and improved Employee Choice options, an easy-to-use interface, account management tools, and more flexibility for employers to design plans that give employees a range of options.

What does this mean for companies still using the Business Express platform?

Over the past year, Business Express members have been transitioning onto this new platform during their annual renewal period.

In early-summer 2018, our Business Express platform will be retired and all companies remaining with renewal dates on or after August 1, 2018 will be moving to the new Health Connector for Business.

Because this is happening outside of the usual renewal period, we are dedicated to making the transition as smooth as possible for remaining Business Express employers and employees.

Special Note for Tufts Health Premier Members with Renewal Groups September through December 2018

Tufts Premier members will not transition to the Health Connector for Business platform.  In 2018, Tufts Premier plans are not available through Health Connector for Business. Existing groups enrolled in Tufts Premier will be able to continue on their current plan.  Tufts Premier will reach out directly to impacted businesses regarding payment and customer service support.

Key dates and deadlines

Businesses whose plan year renews on or after August 1, 2018 will be transitioned to Health Connector for Business.

  • In mid-May 2018 and again in mid-June, business owners enrolled in Business Express will get a notice in the mail with information about what is happening and what actions you will need to take. This will include instructions on how to create and manage your account through Health Connector for Business.
  • The Health Connector for Business will automatically migrate your businesses health insurance enrollment information to Health Connector for Business by July 12, 2018.
  • Employers transitioning to the Health Connector for Business platform will not receive an invoice in the month of June.  They will receive the first Health Connector for Business invoice in July. The July invoice will include premium charges for July and August.  Businesses should budget accordingly as the July invoice will be for two months. Businesses should pay their final Business Express invoice as billed.  The final invoice sent by Business Express is due on May 10th.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Health Connector launched its new Health Connector for Business online, self-service website. The platform is more streamlined and user-friendly,  It allows employers and employees to have full access to their enrollment information at all times. The new site supports new employee choice models with One Carrier and One Level offerings. Click here for more information.

Employers need to create an account on the new Health Connector for Business website, and review your information. Employers can start making payments on the new website.  In addition to online, payments can be made over the phone and with a paper check.

Starting July 6th, 2018, employers will receive their invoices in the mail and in their online account under “Billing”. Invoices will also now be generated in the first week of the month prior to the coverage month billed, with a payment deadline of the 23rd of the month prior to the coverage month.

Payment methods have changed. Please review how to make a payment here.

Employees should create their own employee account and review their personal and enrollment information.

Your broker should confirm they are registered with Health Connector for Business.  Your broker can create quotes, manage your enrollment, and assist in plan selection.

No. After June 15th, 2018, Business Express will no longer be available to small businesses through the Health Connector.

Call our Customer Service line at 1-888-813-9220 (TTY: 711) or email us at


Due to the transition from Business Express to Health Connector for Business, the Health Connector was unable to generate an invoice in June for July coverage. Your July premium amount will be added to your August coverage invoice. The invoice will be mailed and available online on July 6, 2018 in your new Health Connector for Business account.  Please budget for two months of premium payment on your July invoice.

A invoice was not sent in the month of June for July coverage because of the platform transition therefore the first invoice on the platform is for July and August coverage.

Yes, your group’s premium amount will remain the same. Your premium will only change if you make enrollment changes to your account.

No. After June 15, 2018, all payments should be made to the new Health Connector for Business.

You can find enrollment and payment deadlines here.

A late Business Express payment may have an impact on your coverage. Contact customer service for more information at 1-888-813-9220 or email us at

Payments due to Business Express on May 10th should be paid directly to Business Express.

The new Health Connector for Business platform

If interested in the new options, waiting to your plan renewal is the best time to change plans.  Changing plans at time of renewal ensure that deductible and benefits do not reset in the middle of the year.

Tufts Premier Groups

Tufts Premier is not participating on the Health Connector’s small group marketplace in 2018. This health plan is still available on our individual marketplace.

Coverage continuity

No. Your deductibles will not be affected by the transition from Business Express to Health Connector for Business.