Real people. Real stories.

Health Reform has made a big difference. Over 97% of Massachusetts residents are insured.

That big picture is made up of hundreds of thousands of personal stories, however. The Health Connector is proud to have played a role in helping many of the newly insured find health security and peace of mind. Listen to a few of them, in their own words.


Massachusetts Health Reform Success Stories

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Ada May and Donald Roberts


“The weight of uncertainty has been lifted. Massachusetts got it right.”

Ada May and Donald Roberts, owners, Amelia Payson House Bed & Breakfast, Salem

Donald has Medicare, but Ada May purchases coverage for herself.  Ada May came to the Health Connector and saved $300 compared to her old plan.

“It’s truly creditable, affordable coverage that focuses on primary preventive care and early detection with hospitalization coverage should you need it” she said.  “Who could ask for more? For me and so many others living and doing business in this state, this is a happily-ever-after ending to previous practices.”


Health Connector Testimonial: Andrew Herlihy

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Andrew Herlihy



“I was young, healthy. I always thought that I was invincible. It never even crossed my mind that I could get hurt.”

Andrew Herlihy, 25 years old, of Malden, Massachusetts

At 6-foot-5 inches and 225 pounds, Andrew Herlihy of Malden is a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court when he’s not mountain biking, hiking or skiing. He also has to be on top of his game running after-school and summer camp programs for kids.



Health Connector Testimonial: Jaclyn Michalos

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Jaclyn Michalos


“If I didn’t have health insurance, I might not be around today to tell my story.”

Jaclyn Michalos, 28 years old, of Norwood, Massachusetts

Having health insurance doesn’t necessarily rank high up on a twenty-something’s priority list.


Health Connector Testimonial: Kay and Gene Winakor

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Kay and Gene Winakor


“We are saving $600 a month by choosing a Health Connector plan.”

Kay and Gene Winakor, retired couple, of South Yarmouth, Massachusetts

When Kay and Eugene Winakor retired to old Cape Cod last year, they were fortunate they didn’t have to bring their old health insurance plan with them.





“I didn’t know how I was going to be able to afford the rising cost of health insurance. Fortunately, my wife told me about the Health Connector, which provided me with many different options. Now I’m able to have health insurance. Personally, I have some health problems and it is imperative for someone like me to have health insurance.”
Andre from Milton, Commonwealth Choice subscriber
“I recently got married and had to sign up for health insurance. We’re planning on having a family, which makes it very important for us to have affordable health insurance. We aren’t making a lot of money, but with the money we are making, we’re able to pay for insurance while building a nest egg.”
Ashley from Gardner, Commonwealth Choice Young Adult Plan subscriber
“Over the past three years I had health insurance. But because of the Health Connector, now I have better options and my premiums are a lot less. I am very happy to be in a state that’s a leader in this new initiative.”
Gabrielle from Milton, Commonwealth Choice subscriber